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The Smashing Pumpkin made it’s way to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre just before halloween night.

Billy Corgan with his revolving cast played to a not so sold out crowd,

but it would be unfair to say the latest incarnation is not worthy of merit.

Oceania is a fine record and a welcome return to form.

It shows a certain degree of courage for Corgan to stray from the basic concert set list formula by playing the

album in its entirety. A testament to his belief in the album or a middle finger to the norm.

Regardless the album flowed as well live as it does in its recorded state and proved to be a good warmup for the hit parade which would ensue.

After covering Bowie’s “Space Oddity” the pumpkins broke into the old favourites much to the delight of mixed age crowd.

Funny enough Corgan mentioned seeing a lot of younger faces in the crowd and joked that they might not know any of the older material.

The second half of the set included “Disarm”,”Tonight,Tonight”, and finished off with “Ava Adore”,”Cherub Rock” and “Zero”.


Photos: Randall Vasquez

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