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Alanis Morissette played the Metropolis on Tuesday night in Montreal, with opening act, Souleye.

Souleye played quite a smooth set.  I am not familiar with his music, but his set was a testament to what a computer can do for music these days.  While his rapping was smooth and flawless, the over produced singing left much to be desired.  During his last song, Ms. Morissette joined him on stage, which sent the crowd into a frenzy Рso much, it was almost impossible to hear her vocals!

Alanis followed Souleye, and her performance was flawless, beginning to end. ¬†Opening with part of ‘I Remain’, she completely captivated her audience, and delivered one of the most awe-inspiring sets that I have ever seen. ¬†Not to mention, she is one of the most beautifully radiant women in the world, and she looks like she has not aged a single day since I first started listening to her in the ‘Jagged Little Pill’ days. ¬†’Jagged Little Pill’ was for me, like many others, one of the most prolific albums of my young life. ¬†I was only seven years old when it came out, but I knew every last word on that album, and played it non-stop (sorry, Mom, I get why you were mad now). ¬†So it was safe to say that I, along with just about every other person in the auditorium, was completely enamored when she played just about everything off the album, delivering live renditions that kept everybody swooning. ¬†She even let the crowd sing the first half of ‘Ironic’, and even though she offered the first word of each line, she knew that no one really needed it. ¬†What was even more amazing, was how much her face lit up when everyone sang back – I think it’s really special for artists to see how devoted their fans are to their music.

Of special note, was her performance of ‘Uninvited’, taking the song up a notch, and completely rocking out during a guitar solo. ¬†It was completely cathartic, and amazing.

After the set ended, she returned with her band to perform a three song¬†acoustic¬†set of ‘Hands Clean’, ‘Everything’, and ‘Hand in My Pocket’, and ended the concert with ‘Thank You’.

Everything I learned about girl power, I learned from Alanis; and her concert in Montreal on Tuesday night completely made me understand why this is true, fifteen years later.

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