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Three Days Grace are releasing their new album on October 2nd. It’s called Transit of Venus, and one really interesting thing about the album is that it was announced on the very day that Venus made it’s way across the sun, visible to us here on Earth. In my interview las week with guitarist, Barry Stock, he talked about this being an important symbol of life versus death, and taking advantage of once in a lifetime opportunities.
You can read the interview HERE!

Three Days Grace keep improving the production value of their albums, and Transit of Venus is no exception. The sound is very crisp, and it’s great to see that lead singer, Adam Gontier’s voice has matured into something a little less abrasive than what can be heard on previous albums. Though he maintains a level of harshness in his voice, it sounds a lot more controlled. The band has taken an interesting step to include a lot of ethereal electronic sounds in this album, which has given it a very interesting sound that is a departure from what I would consider to be “typical Three Days Grace”.

‘Sign of the Times’ is a great way to start of the album, starting off soft and almost mystical, and then breaking into a heavy rock tune. Most other songs on the album maintain a similar pattern.

While the album sounds really great, I feel that there are a lot of parts of songs where they could take it further – a stronger solo, a longer breakdown, etc. It has the potential to be a very, very creative album; and Three Days Grace have the potential to be a very creative band, but I feel as if the band is being held back to maintain a sound that is radio-friendly. The music on this album has a better quality to it, and a lot of the lyrics are excellently written, with an excellent hint of truth that most could agree with, but there is a lot left to be desired as a whole. It’s no secret that these guys are a group of talented musicians. Perhaps if Three Days Grace ditched the radio-friendly-rock sound, I think they (and their fans!) would be pleasantly surprised with what they can create – maybe then the album would be the once in a lifetime opportunity that it was named for.

Be sure to check out the album when it drops on Tuesday, October 2nd!

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