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Words & Photos; Dave Logan

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Steve Vai was in town during a busy night of shows in Toronto. He seemed to have arrived under the radar, or maybe people have seen him plenty of times before. He’s been in this game for a long time. The Sony Centre was far from sold out, but those who made the effort were rewarded. This legend of guitar showed that he is as dexterous as ever, shredding through song after song and epic solo after epic solo. It’s what he does, and he’s a master at it. At one point even pulling three fans on stage to “write” a song on the spot to show how easy it is. Implying anyone can play guitar…like him. It seemed to be a strange venue for this genre though. Maybe it’s the fact that Vai’s crowds are getting older. Everyone respected the no smoking rules, even the ominous whacky smoke was no where to be seen. Not one puff. Of course the entire venue is seated, so everyone seemed automatically a bit reserved by default. None the less, the fans and Vai appreciated each other alike. Great to have seen this legend on stage.

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