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Power pop band Keane is now on a North American tour promoting their fourth album, Strangeland. This brand new LP has interesting tracks on it and if you didn’t know, they added a fourth member (Jesse Quin) on bass guitar which is kinda smart. The sound of Keane was based on piano, too much pop-ish sound for 6-strings lovers.

Last Monday night at Montreal’s Olympia venue, they took the stage facing a small but devoted fanbase having one thing in common: knowing Keane’s songs by heart. Singer Tom Chaplin is not just a great vocalist or a basic singer. You must have charisma and he has it.

They began the show with the 2006 single “Atlantic” followed by a powerful new track “Silenced by the Night”. People were enthusiastic after each song especially classics like “Everybody’s Changing”, “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Crystal Ball”. Chaplin’s voice was soaring during a shorter and different version (piano only) of the self-titled track of the album “Strangeland”. Touching. Chaplin spoke a bit in French and the Radiohead’s stage incident (loss of a friend). There was a lot of interaction between the singer and the fans during the long applause after most of the songs.

The 19 song set wrapped up with a potential for heavy radio rotation song entitled “Sovereign Light Cafe”. The encore was better for the fans with the 3 last songs played for a total of 22. Keane showed us that they can keep up in this music scene. They were compared to Coldplay too often, tried to change their sound with the 2008 fiasco Perfect Symmetry. We can’t forget the rehab of Tom a couple of years ago. They must stay Keane. Who cares about guitar solo? They are doing very well on a stage with that return to their roots with this new album.

Long live the… Keane!

Honorable mention to the English band Mystery Jets who opened.



Review by: Eric Robillard
Photos by: Lauren Gouilloud

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