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Rise Against was back in Toronto for the second time in almost a year to close out their Endgame tour. The last time they visited was during Edgefest. Just because they were still on the same tour though, they weren’t playing identical sets. This time around saw, rather, heard a different lineup of songs from their previous visit.

The ACC wasn’t filled on this night, but there was still a healthy swell of fans that came out to the show. Early on lead singer, Tim McIlrath reminded the Toronto faithful of their many ties to the city and the smaller venues they’ve played here in the past (Kool Haus, Sound Academy). As well giving a shout out to Canadian bands that have opened for them.

This high octane group entertained the crowd not only with acrobatic moves on stage, but also with the messages in their songs. Speaking out about social issues like the fallout from Katrina and more recently the Occupy protests. Four small screens on the stage would project images from these and other poli-social affairs.

Regardless of the awareness raising, to say it was the most exciting or inspirational concert would be a stretch. The crowd was a mix of angst addled teens just being introduced to the realities of the world. The other half were those now 20 somethings, reliving a bit of their past.

Rise Against did untie both demographics and had them all singing along to their most popular anthems. It was a good show, and for those who have followed this band from their days at Kool Haus or SOund Academy, it must’ve been a proud moment to see them on the stage at the ACC. A sign that more people are identifying with the message their music is carrying.

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