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Big Wreck has been out of the collective minds of people for a while now. With the members of the band working on their own solo projects, it was just a matter of time before they reconnected. Mind you, only two members of the original band are still a part of it. Front-man Ian Thornley, and guitarist Brian Doherty. The rest of the band is made up of members of Thornley’s self titled project.


There was quite an anticipation in the crowd that could be felt before the show. As the band took to the stage they began with tracks 1 and 2 off their new album “Albatross”. Then skipping past a couple to get right to the current favourite song of the same name. It was good to see that they weren’t building the anticipation around their first #1. In fact, the show would be a healthy balance of old and new. Admittedly there were tracks played that I recognize, and never realized as theirs.

The venue was “like playing in a gym” Thornley quipped. With it’s high ceiling, steel rafters and open floor, you could see where he was coming from. Complete with a high school dance feel, due to the lack of alcohol allowed inside (apparently city Fire Marshall’s made that call). It didn’t stop the cheers and drunken singing along though (could still drink in the lobby). The sound itself was actually really good. It filled the space, without getting overpowering.

There seemed to be an instrument change after every song, including a turn each for Thornley and Doherty on dual necked guitars. The show moved smoothly, and though clocking in at only 120min. long, it seemed the crowd enjoyed the entire affair. The band is tight and Ian Thornley’s voice seems like it may have more behind it than it did back in the day. If you’re down for a good rock show in something other than an arena, then look no further than Big Wreck.


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