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We caught up with  Jay and Myles of Hey Bombshell backstage at the 2012 SiriusXM Indie Awards – and was greeted with an immediate “WHATTYA AT”- it wasn’t long before I learned they had a Newfoundlander in their band (Whattya at Dennis by’??!)

Hey Bombshell were on MuchMusic’s hit TV show “Discovered” – and since then have blown up with fans! Recently they were signed to XOXO Entertainment Corp, and their debut “The Single Life” is taking over radio stations across Canada now.

Checking out their website and YouTube channel, you quickly learn they used to operate under the name “For The Weekend” and there’s a very swoon worthy cover of the Jonas Brother’s “When You Look Me in the Eyes”. With their charismatic personalities, fun poppy sound – they’re easily going to be every teenage girl in Canada’s new favourite band.

Check out the teaser of “The Single Life” –

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