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“Go into the back alley, and then up a fire escape – that’s where the USS show is.”

The not-so-secret USS show on March 22nd, during Canadian Music Week, was held in the small venue Cabin 5 – and you couldn’t have asked for a better spot or crowd.  It was like being in a log cabin around the bay, that was fully stocked with your favorite poisons and nearly a hundred of your closest friends. Animal hides and busts hung on the walls, paintings resembling the likes of Bob Ross resting next to them.

We caught the Balconies opening, which in itself set the scene perfectly with a high energy rock vibe. On lead vocals Jacqui is the perfect rock ‘n roll beauty; Joan Jett and Brody Dalle sex appeal oozed from her performance. She’s got more balls than half the men I know, and holds her own in a male dominated genre.

The first time I caught USS was at Peace Dot Love back in 2009, there were surfboards and an insane audience. Hard to beat something as fantastic as that first show, but there’s something about putting all of that energy into such a small area… it’s almost explosive (and orgasmic, can I say that? I just did).

Everything you know and love about their live shows was compacted down to something electrifying. Ash making smoothies still happened, Jay was on his head, crowd surfing occurred – and you knew by watching it all you were at a show that people would look back and remember as one of the high lights of Canadian Music Week 2012 if you were one of the lucky folks there.

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