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The New Cities – Tattoo Rock Parlour – March 22nd, 2012

It’s really damn hard to stand still once The New Cities starts playing, no matter how many times I swore them to hell this summer after ‘Heat Wave’ infiltrated my ears every half hour on radio. (It’s in your head now too isn’t it?)

Their new single ‘Mugshot’ is another catchy song that once you hear it, your feet start tapping, your body starts swaying and before you know it your hands are in the air and you’re singing along. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed saying that or not, but fuck it – I’m not afraid to admit when a song has me dancing along.

The stage at Tattoo Rock Parlour is a little small for a band with so many energetic members, they were nearly bouncing on top of each other – however it didn’t stop them from putting off a show for their dedicated fans who were up front and center long before their set started. The bands addicting songs, charming personalities and dedication to putting off a great show makes them a downright pleasure to shoot.

Large, Live ‘n Direct  - Rancho Relaxo – March 22nd, 2012

When you’re down on energy, it’s 3am on the first night of CMW – the only place to revive yourself is to step into Rancho Relaxo and watch Large Live ‘n Direct with their insane skills.

You wouldn’t expect such smooth hip hop and R&B sounds to come from three Newfoundlanders – but here they were, late night with a bar that was far from empty in downtown Toronto blowing the pants off everyone at Canadian Music Week.

The move to Toronto for the guys was a well calculated one, keep an eye out for them on their rise in the big city – because they’ve made a name for themselves here in Newfoundland.

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