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Review: Marie-Pier Vigeant

On Thursday night, Simple Plan was back at the Montreal’s Bell Center, starting the night with These Kids Wear Crowns, a young band from British-Columbia.

20 minutes later, it’s with success that the pop-punk band from Towson, MA,  All Time Low warmed the crowd. The band had the chance to play a few recents songs from Dirty Work, released in 2011. At that moment, girls were going insane and a real bra fest was floating on stage!

All Time Low

It’s when the pop and theatrical band Marianas Trench, from Vancouver, hit the stage that the place literally exploded. It all started when the lead signer, Josh Ramsay, emerged from a geant box, under a Jack in the box theme. The band introduced Haven’t Had Enough and  Fallout, from their most recent work Ever after. Practicing their french on stage, they really knew how to get the crowd’s admiration!

Marianas Trench

Openning with a humoristic video, specialy dedicated to their Montreal fans, Simple Plan finally showed up a little over 9pm.

Shut up!, Can’t Keep My Hands Off You and Jump as opening songs was a winning formula for the band. The lead signer, Pierre Bouvier, then took a little moment to chat with the crowd and express his hapiness of being home. It’s good to know that in their hometown, the band communicate only in their native language.

The show goes on with When I’m Gone and  Addicted, where Pierre and David Desrosiers requested the fans to sing along.

Alex from All Time Low made an apperance for Freaking Me Out and Simple Plan continues with other powerful songs such as You Suck At Love, Thank You and Your Love Is A Lie.

Simple Plan

The song Astronaut presented a lightfull Bell Center ”like in the space!” as Pierre mentioned on stage.

In a different order, the band put everyone in a summer mood with Summer Paradise, where beach balloons were falling off the roof. In a festive way, the band performed a couple of covers song; Moves like Jagger of Maroon 5 and Dynamite of Taio Cruz. Pierre showed his sexy dance skills to the girls in then front row, an immediate succes! Plus, two members from These Kids Wear Crowns came on stage to dance with Pierre, which made everyone smile.

A moment later, the crowd were please to welcome Montreal’s own Marie-Mai to sing in duo for the song Jet Lag. Old school fans were also served with The Word Day Ever and This Song Saved My Life, where pictures of fans from all over the place were shown on a geant screen.

Walking in the crowd and having fun with the fans, Pierre introduced Welcome to my life followed by I’d do Anything, an awaited moment of the night.

The crowd kept asking for more and got Loser of the Year and I’m Just a Kid as encore. Older fans were now fully satisfied. It’s at the beggining of Crazy followed by Perfect that Pierre said in french ” you are sincerely the most beautiful crowd I’ve ever seen in my entire life!” and then a sparkly shower covered the whole Bell Center in beauty.

Everything that happened that night makes us believe that the fans were blown away by the quality of the show and the band expressed their apreciation of it by staying a long while on stage receiving the love from the crowd.






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