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We have found the perfect mix between heaven and hell and called it Counter Clock.

For the band’s self-titled debut album Gaby (Lead vocalist) flew to Toronto to co-write for the first time with Jeff Dalziel and Dane Hartsell and came up with the ballad “Remember Your Name.” “I loved co-writing,” enthuses Gaby who then extended his two-week trip to almost three months and wrote with Christopher Ward (Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet”), Andrea Wasse, Dan Davidson (Tupelo honey), Nicole Hughes, Chris Perry, among others.

On this influential album produced by Jeff “Diesel” Dalziel (Edwin, Thornley, Tupelo Honey), Counterclock keeps its focus on the prize: radio-friendly pop/rock tunes that will keep you coming back for more, including songs like “Shake It (Like You Want It Stirred)” and “Another night alone”.
Gaby has been a pianist, singer, songwriter since a very young age. His life has been anything but ordinary. “Music has guided me thru the good and the bad times” he says. Once Gaby found the right members and put together Counter Clock, the chemistry became so powerful and the performances intriguing, that you really have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Rapidly taking over the music scene in their own little town of Montreal, Canada, Counter Clock is getting stronger as they get ready to take over the international stages.With Gaby leading the way, there’s no saying how far Counter Clock can go and what heights they can achieve.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open because you will definitely hear about Counter Clock very soon.

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