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Last night’s show of The Black Keys kicked off with an energetic set by Cage The Elephant.  After opening with 2024, they launched into In One Ear, and lead singer Matthew Schultz stage dived into an enthusiastic crowd.  Over the next 45 minutes we saw him tearing at his t-shirt, head banging, skipping across the stage, stage diving again this time managing to stand on the shoulders of the people in the crowd, and on his knees at the end of the stage screaming into the mike during Indy Kidz.  Their set featured songs from their self-titled debut as well as their recent release, Thank You, Happy Birthday.  Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked, Shake Me Down, Around My Head, Back Against The Wall, and Aberdeen were just some of the songs played last night.  The band really rocked the house, and warmed the crowd up for The Black Keys by finishing with Sabertooth Tiger, a song off of Thank You, Happy Birthday

After a brief intermission Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney walked on stage, picked up there instruments, said ” Let’s get it going” and wasted no time in whipping the crowd into a funky frenzy with Thick Freakness.   It’s hard to imagine that much funk coming from 2 people, but the Black Keys kept the place going through their entire set.

They played many songs off of past albums including a cover of the Kinks Act Nice and Gentle, and then catapulted into songs from Brothers, starting with Everlasting light.  From the first note they had the entire arena on their feet and most people remained standing for the rest of the concert.  Partway through Everlasting light an enormous disco ball was suspended above them on stage and the light reflecting off of it had the place fully engulfed in the show the Black Keys were putting on.  For Next Girl, they had two screens with a burlesque dance playing on a loop behind them.  Chop and Change saw the screens changing from the dancing vixens to psychedelic colours and shapes.  Howlin’ For You had much the same effect as Everlasting light, with 8300 people howling along with the band during the chorus and clapping along.  From then on the crowd were putty in their hands. The light show as well as the energy in the arena were enough to make anyone present lifetime fans.

With Tighten Up, a video that’s gotten over 11,000 000 views on Youtube, it seemed as if everyone in the arena was signing along word for word and at times it was hard to hear the band over the ardent fans.  She’s Long Gone had everyone in the arena dancing along.  10 Cent Pistol had Dan Auerback playing the maracas and the guitar simultaneously, abandoning  a quitar pick for the butt end of the maraca, all the while Patrick Carney was laying the drums down hard and heavy and taking a few chances to show his prowess on the drums that had everyone screaming for more.  There was a lengthy pause at the end of 10 Cent Pistol where the lights were off and it looked like the show was over, but after keeping us waiting and screaming out for more, the lights came back on and the show continued with I’ll Be Your Man.  Strange Times saw many of the people on the floor crowd surfing and they ended the night with I Got Mine.

The Light show for this concert was spectacular with spot lights, back lights, strip lights, and hundreds of lights suspended as if to look like the night sky, but with I Got Mine, an enormous sign that said “The Black Keys” was lit up behind them on stage and although I didn’t think it possible, the place got even crazier.  It was the icing on cake and the fans were appreciative of all the work that went into blowing our minds that night courtesy of the Black Keys.  At that, the Keys walked off stage but returned after what seemed like endless chanting of their name wearing Montreal Canadiens jerseys and the crowd lost it.  I actually had to plug my ears from the sound of everyone in the arena overcome with joy at seeing them in the Canadiens gear.  They finished the show with Sinister Kid and Your Touch and I have to say, they put on an amazing show.  If you haven’t yet, go see the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant.  Definitely the best show I’ve ever seen in my life.


- Text by Crissy Jarvis - 
- Photos by Josée Leblond -

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