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The third installment of Live N’ Loud’s NXNE experience is again caulk full of goodness. The original plan was to start the night at one of my favorite venues, The Mod Club. However, an unforeseen Taste of little Italy festival quickly ceased that. So, as is expected at NXNE I adjusted for the change and tried my luck at Younge and Dundas Square. Hoping there was room in the pit for me, I approached side stage to speak with the organizers. I was in luck, thankfully.  Montreal indie group, Land Of Talk is what got me started. A good cheer from the crowd, but not having planned on seeing them, or their style, I couldn’t get into it. Not to say they didn’t put on a good show, but I was still pretty flustered from having to change locations a couple KM’s across the city at the last minute.

Another band that now calls Montreal home, but admittedly started in Toronto was Stars. They were a crowd favorite, and they brought a fun atmosphere to Younge and Dundas Square just as the sun was setting on this night. 

Once that set was over my plans were back on track. I was off to the Osheaga spotlight to see some who have played, and others who are slated to play Osheaga. I got there just in time to catch the end of Elephant Stone’s set. A nice change from all the punk I’ve heard the last couple nights. A nice change overall actually, as a sitar was a centerpiece for more than one song. Not used to seeing this instrument, or hearing it for that matter it was good for my ears. It was played very well through their songs, and in a non-gimmicky way. As can be the case with this instrument sometimes. Elephant Stone are slated for this year’s festival in Montreal. 

Another band that had a lot of buzz during the week leading up their set here at the Garrison was Braids. Also gearing up for an appearance at Osheaga. I was excited to see what they had on offer. Interesting music that brought wailing vocals, but the band lacked a lot of animation on stage. A void that couldn’t be filled by their music alone. I enjoyed the songs they brought, but if they hope to move on to a big stage like Osheaga’s and beyond, musical energy will have to transform into physical energy. Otherwise they can definitely pack clubs, and smaller venues for a long time to come. 

Last up for this showcase was Rich Aucoin, who played Osheaga 2010. Though I looked, I can’t find him on the bill this year. Boy will Montreal be missing out. This was one of the best live performances that I’ve seen in a very long time. From the moment his sound check started Rich created a party atmosphere. In fact that’s what this became. No longer a show or concert, or even performance. This was just a ram packed bar of strangers having a party. Popping confetti tubes, bringing out a parachute to play with like elementary students during the set, it was out of control. Or at least in the control of Rich Aucoin. He was jumping in and out of the crowd throughout. Even when small technical problems cropped up, like his projector cutting out. He would play it into the show. The projector was integral as it showed popular YouTube videos synced to the music. By the end I was also jumping with the crowd. I wouldn’t go by what you hear of his music; you just have to go to a show. A great way to end my night. Unfortunately my favorite from the spotlight won’t be at this year’s festival.  

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