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Peterborough, ON based rock band Before The Curtain are making a lot of noise these days. Only a month after the creation of their facebook fanpage and not too long after  Three Days Grace’s leader Adam Gontier introduced them on the Peterborough Radio Station ” The Wolf 101.5FM”,  600 fans and counting have joined their community. Only in the past couple of weeks, Before The Curtain has opened for the Finnish “cellorock” band Apocalyptica and for Canadian rock band Three Days Grace.

I am not expecting them to slow down after experimenting one of their live performance, neither after reading the hundreds of positive feedbacks on their facebook fanpage. From ”fantastic performance” to ”solid and focused musicians”, everyone around agrees that Before The Curtain does have that little something that makes you want to learn more about.

If you haven’t heard about Before The Curtain yet, hurry up and read our most recent piece about them right here!

Before The Curtain photos from their show at The Roxx Niteclub this past Friday are HERE. Check them out!

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