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In addition to the thoughts of the spring time just around the corner, fans of Three Days Grace will have something else to look forward to…

The Three Days Grace camp is getting ready for a major tour announcement to go public late January or February. Their management spoke to Live ‘N Loud Magazine about the band, but declined to get too specific “due to the timing of the announcements,” but they did confirm Three Days Grace “will absolutely be touring through the summer of this year.”

Hopefully the news will calm those who have unjustly criticized the band for taking some time off for the holidays. Even though they are an internationally successful rock band hailing from Canada, fans from multiple countries have kept the band local in their hearts. Overall, that is a positive thing.

In a quick follow up to their number one hit single “World So Cold”, Three Days Grace has released the melodic ballad “Lost In You” to radio. Call your local station to request. A video for this song has yet to be determined.

So stay tuned to the Three Days Grace website and Live ‘N Loud Magazine to see when Three Days Grace will be touring near you.

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