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(review by: Lauren Gouilloud)

It would have taken 10 years for Rammstein to get back to North America. And after what happened in Quebec City this summer, it is not surprising to see Rammstein headed straight to Montreal for their “short and sweet” North American tour (they choose New York City and Montreal only).

Last night’s show at the Bell Centre was sold-out in 20 minutes, and the lucky ones who were there last night will tell you: “it was the best show ever” . And they are right.

The band gave us a different show from the one we saw in Quebec City. The opening, full of symbolism, was the two guitar players, breaking a wall and destroying the background. No surprise to hear Rammlied though: the perfect song to open a perfect show. Till showed up with his “illuminated mask” and the band rocked out B******** then Waidmanns Heil during which, like in Quebec city, Till came out with his massive gun without taking off his butcher outfit.

If Quebec City was gigantic, Montreal was perfect for everyone to appreciate the setting of the stage. When Till showed up with a gramophone before the song Weiner Blut we didn’t expect to see a lot of lasers coming out…Especially coming out of dead baby dolls hanging above the band. At the end of the song, each baby exploded, falling on the ground, surrounding the band like corpses…

Once again, the song Fruhling in Paris made all the Montreal crowd sing along the “non rien de rien” part. And on…and on… Links 2-3-4 was followed by the monster Du Hast, then Pussy, during which Till climbed on a huge foam canon with a very explicit shape (no need to tell more about the shape of the canon, just listen to the song and you will guess).

The band made us wait for a little while before getting back on stage to perform Sonne, Haifisch and, of course, Ich Will.

The crowd went nuts, when the band disappeared again before coming back again, to perform Engel. The singer showed up with an amazing outfit and huge metal wings that he was setting on fire every now and then during the song.

And then the band left. For real.
The only thing we are hoping for now, is a DVD (though there was a rumor last night about a DVD being made with the Montreal show…). There is no word that could describe the intensity of that show, it is something you have to see and live to understand how awesome it is.

Thank you Rammstein for choosing Montreal and giving us probably the best show of the year 2010.

Click HERE to see all the photos from the show!

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