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To all of our Live ‘N Loud Magazine readers and fans,

It is with a lot of sadness that we have to say goodbye.

It has been a long, fun and awesome journey covering music news and live concerts for all of you!

Over all these years, writers and photographers came together to bring you the best in music in each one’s region of the World! Most of time, it was all done outside of regular hours, during sleepless nights and by giving absolutely no attention at all to all the people and events surrounding us.

The truth is, as many of you may already know, it is not possible to continue this way without any fundings… Unfortunately the Live Photography World often “works” like this.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the collaborators who worked night and days, during insane hours, to make Live ‘N Loud Magazine what it was.

A special thank you goes out to Sandra Elford who was there since the very first day with Claudia and Nour and made a huge difference it the magazine!

We are sure you will continue to see photographs by all of our great collaborators! Be on the look out for all of them and continue to support music!


The LNL Team

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