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The excitement was palpable when we entered the Mod Club on the eve of Motion City Soundtrack’s first show in Toronto in two years. A smaller venue than their last show at the Sound Academy, fans hoped that they would be treated to a more intimate show at this small venue. And despite it’s minute size, I am surprised that they didn’t tear the place apart. The night started with two openers; fellow Minneapolians, Now Now, a three piece indie rock band fronted by Cacie Dalager, and Jukebox, the Ghost, the Philadelphia three piece rockers who are definitely making the rounds as openers for bigger acts; they were last in Toronto when they opened for Jack’s Mannequin at the Sound Academy earlier this year. These bands only warmed up the crowd slightly for the act to come. The lights dimmed, and the crowd went wild. From the minute Justin Pierre asked Toronto how they were doing, until the end of the last song, the dancing didn’t stop. The band engaged little with the crowd, but it was not disappointing; their energy was solely focused on delivering an incredible set. The crowd was thrilled to hear the new hit songs off of Go, Motion City’s latest album that this tour was for, but were definitely taken off guard when Justin Pierre called a couple friends to the stage to play arguably the most serious song off the new album, Everyone Will Die, a slow track about love, life, and of course, death. It was an interesting side of the band that we often don’t get to see in their live shows. But, after this one slow song, Motion City quickly kicked things back up with other favourites off of My Dinosaur Life, Even If It Kills Me, Commit This To Memory, and I Am The Movie. Despite now having five albums worth of material, the band covered popular and less heard songs from each album, including the rarely heard Perfect Teeth. The cheers were deafening when Justin thanked the crowd, and informed them that they would be back sooner this time than last. Of course, after a set that amazing, it was no surprise when the band returned to the stage to play an encore for the exuberant crowd. What was a surprise, however, was there choice of song. Instead of opting to play an old hit or perhaps another deep cut from a previous album, they played a favourite of theirs: Army, by Ben Folds Five. After treating the crowd to this great cover, they finished strong with Everything is Alright, leaving the crowd in a state of glee that only Motion City Soundtrack could deliver.

Photos by: Christina Stanoulis

Words by: Sheila Hart-Owens

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