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Alexisonfire Full Set

Alexisonfire will be wrapping up their farewell tour very shortly, but not without 4 dates in Toronto. The grand finale being at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton on Dec. 30th. They started the Toronto run on Boxing Day, and even if you payed full price for your ticket, it was a holiday deal to be sure. Sensing that the farewell whirlwind was coming to an end the guys all seemed fresh and on the downhill slope to retirement. At least of this band namesake, as all the members are still working on their own projects or concentrating on personal endeavours.

It seems bands can shine brightest in times that they are getting ready to say goodbye. As a star in the instant before super nova. I can’t say I’ve followed the band, or was ever even a fan like the many in attendance at the sold-out show. That doesn’t mean that the talent with which they performed wasn’t apparent. These guys were as tight as any annually world touring band. Not just in their ability to play the songs the way they were meant to be, but to perform as one entity. All feeling what each other was doing on stage. Memories for me of growing up in the era of the mosh pit, crowd surfing and foreign object throwing, all came back to life on this night. Be sure they will for the remaining shows before the curtain falls. Would have been nice to get to know them sooner. What’s that 2017? Reunion Tour!?

Review & Photos: Dave Logan

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