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Almost 3 years ago to the day, I first saw the Trews and they totally blew me away.  They packed Jackhammer’s Nightclub in Brantford, Ontario, home of Wayne Gretzky, and blew the doors off with their very own brand of all Canadian straight up, kick ass rock n roll. 

Well this night, opening for Kid Rock at the ACC was really no different other than the size of the venue, stage, PA, audience and of course, ticket price. 

They hit the stage with an all-star, greatest hits lineup of no bullshit Trews tunage.  Only the best of the best as their opening slot allowed only a dozen songs to showcase to Mr. Rock’s fans what the Trews are all about.  But who in the house didn’t already know it?  We’ve been sitting on this beautiful little gem of a band far too long.  I fully expected them to be a HUGE rock n roll force by now taking the world by storm but maybe I get a little biased and aggressive in my enthusiasm for a decent band.

The ACC still hadn’t come close to filling up yet but the Trews cranked at full volume was a good way to bring the Kid Rock fans to their seats. I’m sure the few people who didn’t know who the Trews were, nodded in recognition of EVERY song they played for their meager set for every song, like I said, was the cream of the crop that is the Trews.

Colin MacDonald came out sporting a white suit jacket and his British bulls-eye Telecaster clearly ready for one of Canada’s largest and most revered venues. His brother John-Angus wielded his beautiful Les Paul Sunburst with the crunch and finesse he always does while the weird n wonderful Jack Syperek tickled his Fender Precision that looks like if he plays it one more time it’ll disintegrate and crumble through his fingers.  But oh that old baby has some character!  No wonder he won’t hang it up for good!  Drummer Sean Dalton was tucked so far back I could barely see him let alone get a photo of him.  That’s the problem with a 7ft stage: photographers gotta be 7 feet tall too!  Anyway, the Trews kicked ass!

If only Kid Rock would take them on tour across the States, he could show our neighbours to the South this beauty of a Canadian gem. Polish it up a bit, throw it in front of one of those reality TV antique dealers and see what they think it’s worth.  What if he says it’s fuckin worthless and flicks it back across the table as if it’s last weeks Timbits? 

Who really cares what they think it’s worth?  I think the Trews is a great big bar o’ Canadian gold.  But then who the hell cares what I think either?

Check them out for yourself on these websites:

Have a look at a few photos of their performance HERE!

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