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Though North By North East (NXNE) officially started on Monday, things didn’t really didn’t get into gear until Wednesday night. NXNE is huge. There are 650 bands across pretty much any venue in the city of Toronto. It can be pretty intimidating and if you don’t have a plan you can be lost in the mix. I will be bringing a little from each night to Live N’ Loud for you.

Wednesday as I said was when things really got going. So that is where we’ll begin. Starting out at Rancho Relaxo I went to check out hometown band Broken Bricks. They reminded me of so many bands I saw when living in Manchester (UK not Tennessee). It is a more evolved sound from when I was there in 2006. Maybe westernized? On new songs like Jigsaw, though you could hear Canadian Folk roots, just showed the different styles they’ll play with. The end of the set was back to the brit rock. A great cover to the Beatles; Within You Without You mixed with Tomorrow Never Knows.

Next I was over to The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, where M for Montreal had a showcase. I got there in time to catch Parlovr. A great fast paced set that that saw plenty of dancing and some fun interactions with the crowd. Including having shots brought to them by fans. 

Finally We Are Wolves wrapped up my night. An interesting set up with only guitar keys and a drum kit. A kit, which has no bass drum, or a stool for the drummer. With the way they rocked out on the stage though who needs it really? There’s something very organic about their music.  Mixing traditional punk licks with drum machines and techno beats. I enjoyed it thoroughly, however I was ready to recharge for the next night. It’s going to be a busy week!

Check out my photos by following these links:

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