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Review by: Karine Juteau / Photo by: Josee Leblond

It has been a while since the Californian band Deftones had put their feet on Canadian ground, but they were back yesterday at the Metropolis venue in Montreal for the Diamond Eyes tour, for a phenomenal performance that everyone will surely remember for a long time.

The Dillinger Escape Plan was opening for them. They had such a presence on stage; we could se that they know exactly what to do to get people in the mood. They played for almost 40 minutes and the crowd screamed almost as much for them as for Deftones! Even though some were septic about the combination of the Dillinger Escape Plan with Deftones, the choice was definitely a hit!

Deftones started at 9:15 pm and played for nearly two hours! Opening with Diamond Eyes, Chino and his team showed us there that the evening was just beginning. Chino was in a great shape and worked the crowd exceptionally great. Sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the right or left of the stage, he wanted to make sure that everyone had the chance to see him better, take a picture or shake his hand. Chino and Sergio Vega (replacing Chi Cheng) were most of the time close to the front, smiling to the crowd and giving their contagious energy to the public. The complicity between the band members was obvious to the eyes of everyone there last night. We we’re able to feel that they were happy to be there which made the crowd feel the same.

The band played Sextape, Rocket Skates and You’ve Seen The Butcher from their last album, “Diamond Eyes”, and for the crowd to go wild with joy, they also played a lot of numerous hits from their 2000 release “White Pony”. We had the chance to hear from that album songs like Digital Bath, Knife Party, Korea and much more! Close to the end, Moreno sang Passenger with Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan’s singer) which was one of the highlights of the evening.

Deftones ended the night with Root and 7 Words which made a powerful closing. We also definitely have to mention Moreno’s version of the chorus of Katy Perry’s Fireworks: a part of the night that made all the fans laugh a bit!

All in all, there are no doubts that Deftones is one of the most incredible rock band on stage: they are crazy and generous and the fans are absolutely nuts during their shows! Moreno is quite a leader and lets say that he is a master with his voice making him, in my opinion, one of the best vocalists in heavy music. Even though Chi Cheng is irreplaceable, Sergio Vega does an outstanding job replacing him in Deftones.

Touring for their 6th album, “Diamond Eyes” which was released about a year ago, Deftones will be on the road for a while: the latest date confirmed for now is in Moscow on September 3rd. However, we are mostly positive that there will be more dates announced as the band continues to add on dates almost every week! Visit and to get the latest news.


Deftones is:
Chino Moreno – Vocals
Stephen Carpenter – Guitar
Frank Delgado – Samples, Keys
Abe Cunningham – Drums
Sergio Vega – Bass (replacing Chi)
Chi Cheng – Bass (minimally conscious since his 2008 car accident)

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