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Avril Lavigne has been “living life and embracing its experiences” in the time it has taken her to complete her latest offering “Goodbye Lullaby”. The CD drops tomorrow, March 8th, and it’s the fourth album from the Napanee, Ontario native.

The songs on “Goodbye Lullaby” are rather addicting.

Whether the lyrics are tugging at your heartstrings or just because Lavigne is telling you like it is and it’s exactly what you need to hear, you will take note of each and every song. She is an every woman, like a sister, and like your best girl friend all rolled up into one. And I don’t mean the one girl friend you would call to bail you out of jail, but the girl friend who would be sitting NEXT to you in the cell.

Lavigne can kick some ass and she is kick ass. It’s all about finding your inner girl power and using it for good! She reminds you to follow your dreams and stick to your guns. The most recent example of this is in her open to letter to fans last November that was posted to her website. Lavigne was originally hoping to release her album in 2009, but had a series of delays that held up the CD’s production. Pro-actively, Lavigne issued the open letter to explain the delay. This is one reason why the 15 and a half million plus and growing fans on her Facebook LOVE her.

Lavigne is honest. Her lyrics reflect it. Her voice is so beautiful. Strong at times, a bit melancholy other times and when she is a bad girl (lyrically of course), her voice is damn good. The “rock queen” is just natural. Say what you want to say about the “pop princess” title, but I roll my eyes at it. It’s just an attempt to minimize her talent the way I see it.  Her talent besides being an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, is also as a philanthropist, clothing and fragrance designer, and spoke person.

The “Goodbye Lullaby” CD is full of pure melodies. The music has a classic feel with the piano and acoustic guitar so predominant. I really, really enjoyed the music.

Lavigne has stated this about the overall influence of her CD, “Is it inspired by my personal relationships? Yes. Inspired by life experiences? Yes. Inspired by experiences in situations with my family and friends? Yes.”

“Goodbye Lullaby” begins with an intro track called “Black Star”. It’s a simple minute and a half piece that Lavigne wrote for a commercial for her own fragrance of the same name. As innocent as this song may be, it DOES want to make me go at least see what the perfume smells like!

And then, right off the bat, the second song and her first single “What The Hell” gets the blood pumping. This fun anthem is “about life, freedom and changes” and as Lavigne also states it’s about “letting go”!??The theme for “Push” is “fighting for love, believing in love and going for it” and she says is one of her favorite tracks. The next song, “Wish You Were Here” is an honest song about missing someone in whatever the circumstance may be… Once again, or maybe I should say “as always”, Lavigne’s vocals are simply amazing. In “Everybody Hurts”, we are reminded to “hold your head high, be strong and get through it. It’s ok to be afraid and it’s going to be ok”. This is timeless advice.

Those close to Lavigne have found their way into “Goodbye Lullaby”. In fact, her record label has described “Smile” as a song that “expresses Lavigne’s gratitude for special people in her life”. And “I Love You” is about “someone she loves” and she is “Inspired by their beauty”. While they are beautiful on the outside, it’s their inner beauty that captivates her. The song “Darlin” was written before Lavigne ever had a recording contract when she was in her early teens. About this song, she says “her inspiration was from some things she had seen and watched as a young girl”.

The yin and yang to love is apparent in almost a handful of songs. “Stop Standing There” is one that Lavigne wrote at home on her piano about the plight women face when their guys are “standing still” in the relationship. “Not Enough” reflects on the age old lament about wanting more from someone else and not getting it. The question of the day in that tune is “The honeymoon phase is over and you have got me, so now what?” The examination of feelings and trust is evident in “4 Real” and the very poignant “Remember When” can be coined as the CD’s break up song.??The title track is “Goodbye” and it is the last of the “regular” tracks.  Lavigne explores how it feels “to close one chapter of her life and move on to the next”. It’s obvious that while the main theme of Lavigne’s music has not strayed too much, she has indeed matured. But even with that being said, her messages are timeless.

“Goodbye Lullaby” has a secret on its Deluxe Edition and I am about to spill it to those who didn’t know! There is one hidden track called “Alice”. It’s one of my favorites on the CD. This “Alice” is an extended version of the one on the soundtrack to the 2010 remake of Alice In Wonderland called “Almost Alice”.

AND… the Deluxe Edition also boasts three additional bonus songs. Two are the acoustic versions of “Push” and “Wish You Were Here”. The last, but not least bonus track is a cover of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”. I am absolutely guilty of singing that one at the top of my lungs while jumping around like a rockstar. I can admit that.

“Goodbye Lullaby” was just released in Japan on March 2nd and it is already # 1. So get ready everyone… just one more day to wait until “Goodbye Lullaby” is released in a store near YOU.

Remember when I said Lavigne was a philanthropist? In 2010, she started The Avril Lavigne Foundation R.O.C.K.S. for children & youth with disabilities & serious illnesses. You can check it out here.

Don’t forget to check out Lavigne’s website, sign up for her newsletter and be up to date on all things Avril! In the meantime, check out her video for “What The Hell”


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