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Canadian Music Fest: Day 3
March 11th, 2011
Artists: Good Charlotte, Static in the Stars
Venues: The Phoenix, The Hideout

Good Charlotte – The Phoenix

Once upon a time when I was in grade eight (let’s not get into HOW long ago that actually was) Good Charlotte ruled the airwaves, the Anthem filled every mixed CD you owned. While you may not want to admit it, you know the lyrics to at least one Good Charlotte song and will secretly rock out to it if it comes on the radio and you’re in your car alone. I pretended while shooting this show I was in my car alone and it was incredible. Minor sound issues didn’t keep Good Charlotte fans from literally shaking the floors beneath us as they played everyone’s favorite Good Charlotte songs one after one. Check out all my photos here!

Static in the Stars – The Hideout

Maybe this was just a good night for me, because this show really proved that Static in the Stars are the crowning Kings of Last call. Jager was flowing freely throughout the bar when the guys hit the stage at 3am, and it seemed like everyone’s inhibitions flew out the window with the start of every song. Static in the Stars have changed their line up numerous times, and while I like to think their temporary fix of having Nathan Whitney and Adam Dugas of Aberdeen (Staberdeen?) join them on this show was an amazing idea, I know it’s too good to last. Enjoy photos of the show by clicking here!

Check out my photos of my third night during CMW by following the links below:

Good Charlotte photos

Static in the Stars photos

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