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Biffy Clyro is a Scottish rock band. Biffy Clyro.


I just like saying the name really. Say it with me – Biffy Clyro. Fun, isn’t it?

The trio consists of Simon Neil (guitars, vocals), James Johnston (bass, vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums, vocals). Random fact – the Johnston brothers are twins.

And maybe I have been living under a rock, but to be honest I had never heard of Biffy Clyro. Knowing what I know now, I find that to be quite sad. So keep reading if you don’t know about them because you will wish you had known too…

Biffy Clyro came together in 1995 in Kilmarnock, just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. They call the U.K. home base now. Their first three records compounded with a heavy touring schedule have earned them a large following who are affectionately coined “Team Biffy”. Their Facebook page “likes” is closing in on 500,000 strong, so obviously they are doing something right.

Their latest offering is a CD called “Only Revolutions” and it’s good. I know, I know – that is really over-simplifying it. But the music is not typical. It’s not one of the many clones I am hearing on a mass market radio station. The CD is solid, but different. It’s good in the most basic essence of the word. Like, all that is good in the world is like Biffy Clyro.

Simon Neil (guitars, vocals) has gone on record as to the title credit of the CD, “The title is taken from a book by Mark Danielewski – he’s my favourite writer. In half of the book the man’s telling his half of the story and the other half is the girl telling her side of the story. That really touched me. With the songs I’m trying to give both lovers’ aspect of the same story. It’s a give and take you have when you’re madly in love with someone, but also you both see exactly the same things in completely different ways. The title ‘Only Revolutions’ summed it up perfectly.”

And while the title can be wrapped up rather quickly, really the songs cannot. The opening tune is called “The Captain” and the music roars out of the instruments. It gets your attention and holds it. “That Golden Rule” is the second song on the CD and kicks ass with a little bit of a punk rock attitude to its otherwise melodic and climatic beat. It’s my favorite I think.

“Bubbles” is the type of melodic music I like too though…and “Mountains”. Both songs were put on repeat.

“I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan cause I want to hear both sides,” sings Simon Neil quite simply. The lyrics to “God & Satan” are just as catchy as the music and have a childlike openness to them. One day I am going to talk to Simon Neil and ask specifically about this song. The tone in his voice has much reflect to it.

I was going to pass judgment on the song titled “Shock Shock”, but it is worthy of being a favorite as well. I didn’t know what to think of the song title until I really gave the song a deserving listen. Love the lyrics that describe an unhealthy argument within a relationship that I may have been guilty of having…maybe once… “Well your talking your talk, still trying to shock me, I don’t even know what the fuck we are still arguing about. Maintain my silence….”

“Many Of Horror” is painfully beautiful. So honest… Look at this lyric – “Cause when my back is turned, my bruises shine…” The vocals are extraordinary. The music is too with its orchestra ending.

This band has a unique name. The songs have cool names as I have described. Rounding out the CD are “Born On A Horse”, “Booooom, Blast & Ruin” (another badass song! The video is right up there.), “Cloud Of Stink”, “Know Your Quarry” and “Whorses”. The latter song is awesome – uniquely spelled or not. It rocks you at the end of the CD and it’s at that point, you have to listen to the whole thing all over again. I know because I did it!!

I hear a bit of Weezer, the originality of the Foo Fighters and a liking to any hard rock band in your personal top ten list, but make no mistake though, Biffy Clyro is 100% original. Biffy. Clyro. Biffy Clyro. The name is addicting. Make it stop! NO DON’T!!!

“Mon the biff!” is the “official” Biffy Clyro battle cry!

They are signed to 14th Floor Records (Warner Music Group). Check out their website for more information. Oh – they will be heading out for a some tour stops with Cage The Elephant too.

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