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If one thing is for certain, it’s that Interpol fans stand united as a unique breed of music connoisseurs. The love that Interpol fans feel for the band’s music is unshakably loyal, and the respect that they have for its musicians is of the utmost. This phenomenon became undoubtedly clear at Metropolis, in Montreal, last Wednesday. The venue’s floor and upper levels were stuffed to the brim with these faithful followers, which brought to mind images of a two-story sardine tin.

While Interpol fans sang along to every lyric of every song, danced uninterruptedly throughout the 15-song setlist and gazed admirably upon lead guitar and vocalist Paul Banks’ severe, concerted face, the Montreal crowd appeared to take the concert as seriously as it does its love for the band. Cheers were short yet poignant, dancing was consistent yet subdued, and sing-alongs were audible yet oddly private.

Just under halfway through the concert, Interpol’s 2006 hit “Evil” infused some energy into the audience. The song’s signature bass riff rolled over the crowd, setting off a fast-paced ripple that spread through audience.

As to be expected of a live Interpol performance, the bandmembers were outfitted in classy, firmly pressed suits. Guitarist Daniel Kessler shuffled around the left side of the stage doing his signature one-two dance moves while Banks displayed his typical reserved showmanship.

However, Banks’ non-chattiness and lack ofcrowd bantering is something that an Interpol fan will never complain about. The band gave the crowd exactly what it wanted: the music. The setlist was comprised of songs that well represented the band’s four albums. Turn On The Bright Lights“Say Hello To The Angels,” was met with an enthusiastic outburst from the audience following the opening song, “Success,” which happens to be the first song off of the new album. The set included four other songs from the new album, and ended with “Not Even Jail” from their 2004 album Antics. Interpol played an impressive four-song encore that consisted solely of tracks from their earlier albums. “Slow Hands,” another song from the band’s second album, brought the night to a close.

Interpol is currently on tour throughout North America and Europe after the September 2010 release of their fourth album, Interpol. Longtime bassist Carlos Dengler announced his departure from the band after the album’s completion, citing his desire to pursue other professional ventures as the reason for the split. To replace him, the group invited bassist David Pajo (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and keyboardist and backup vocalist Brandon Curtis (The Secret Machines) to join them for the current tour. However in spite of the lineup change, Interpol’s sound remained unchanged. In fact, the band possesses the rare ability to replicate their recorded sound live, and this is a skill that should not to be undermined in today’s saturated music scene.

Photographer Lauren Gouilloud was also at the show! Check out photos of Interpol’s performance HERE!

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