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After opening for Phoenix this past October, Tokyo Police Club returned to Montreal on Sunday for a show at Club Soda. This time, however, they were the main act, preceded by Irish indie-pop group Two Door Cinema Club and Kingston’s PS I Love You. Playing for a crowd that was considerably smaller than that of their last visit, where the quintet rocked the CEPSUM, Tokyo Police Club put on a tight, almost flawless set with energy intense enough to have induced fits of thrashing, crowd surfing and clapping. The downsize was barely noticeable because although Club Soda is no outdoor stadium, it is by no means a small venue – especially to a band that comes from Newmarket, Ontario.

The two-story venue was almost sold-out, and during the excruciatingly long intermission between Two Door Cinema Club and the main act, the buzz in the crowd was bubbling with anticipation. It was a scene that was hard to wrap your head around considering that, back in the day, Tokyo Police Club played at small, unknown bars and venues across southern Ontario.

Over the years, their sound has become much more refined and radio-friendly. This can have the effect of pushing away old fans while attracting new ones. In Tokyo Police Club’s case, the show on Sunday revealed an exceptional amount of new fans, but it was obvious that many old fans were also present. The latter were treated to three tunes from the 2006 EP A Lesson In Crime, including “Nature of the Experiment,” “Be Good” and “Citizens Of Tomorrow.” Many songs from their latest album Champ (2010) were played in succession, but the band dabbled in some material from their first full length Elephant Shell (2008). Many people sang along to every song, and during one in particular bassist and vocalist Dave Monks turned the microphone out to the audience so that the crowd could sing the last verse.

The area in front of the stage was almost a mosh pit and people were dancing at the balconies’ ledge. After playing “Your English Is Good,” the band thanked the audience and disappeared offstage, only to be beckoned back by the crowd with screams of “T – P – C, T – P – C,” for an encore. The night ended with an appearance by Two Door Cinema Club for an epic cover of The Strokes’ “Last Night.”

Although gone are the days when Tokyo Police Club would play to audiences that were modest in size, what has not changed is that these audiences are equally as devoted – memorizing lyrics and displaying an energy that is contegeous and entrancing. What has always been obvious about Tokyo Police Club’s live shows is that the group has an amazing ability to fully engage, impress and excite their fans.

Check out a few photos of the show HERE!

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