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ART OF DYING‘s Single “Die Trying” Climbing The Charts In Anticipation Of “Vices & Virtues” CD Release.

“If it takes forever…. I will die trying….”

I hum these lyrics from Art Of Dying’s song “Die Trying” at least once a day. If no one is around, I will sing them – LOUDLY…

“If it takes forever…. I will die trying….”

The hard rocking, melodic anthem called “Die Trying” is the first single off of Art Of Dying’s major label debut CD titled “Vices & Virtues”. The CD will be released sometime before summer and will be the CD of 2011.

Again – This will be the CD of 2011.

Who is Art Of Dying? Well, I am glad you asked…

Art Of Dying is a five piece rock band based out of Vancouver, Canada. Their music is raw and real. The band has been around the music scene since 2006 and was nominated for a Canadian Radio Music Award for “Best New Group” in 2009.They have toured with the likes of Seether and Disturbed.

In fact, Art Of Dying has joined Reprise Records/Intoxication Records. This label was started by David Draiman and Dan Donegan of the hugely popular and successful band Disturbed and is also a part of the Warner family.

Art Of Dying released a self titled CD in 2006 through Thorny Bleeder Records. That CD produced multiple fan favorites and the tune “Get Through This” became the WWE’s official theme song for its Survivor Series.

(“If I can get through this… I can get through anything…” GREAT SONG too.)

Anyhow, Jonny Hetherington (vocals) took some time out to talk with Live ‘N Loud Magazine.
We were excited!

LNL: At press time, fan radio requests and emails have moved “Die Trying” up the Active Rock music chart to #34. Congratulations! There must be five proud papas right now! Die Trying is one of those timeless songs that will build you up.

JH: We are extremely proud of “Die Trying” and its recent success on the charts. The song felt right to release first as it kind of describes the long road it’s been to get here, and I think that can relate to a lot of people’s dreams and the hard work that goes into following them. We have to thank our amazing friends and fans everywhere for their emails and calls to radio stations, as it’s not just the song itself, but that outpouring that has made radio stations take notice.

LNL: What can you tell us about “Vices & Virtues”?

JH: The official date has not yet been set, but we’ll be announcing it very soon. It will be before the summer. We recorded 17 songs and I believe 11 will be released on Vices & Virtues. We’ll most likely be shooting music videos along the way. The Lyric Video for Die Trying is on YouTube. (and below)

LNL: (trying not to beg…) Please say “Everything” is on there… And/or “Straight Across My Mind”? (sounding more professional now) Any song that is near and dear to you especially?

JH: I truly love those songs… We recorded both of them, but I’ll have to keep you in suspense on if they made the record or not. We recorded a song called “Best I Can” that is pretty special for me. I can’t wait for you and the world to hear that one.

LNL: Any hints about the cover art? Anything at all?

JH: We’re getting really close to finalizing the cover art, but it’s actually not done yet… so no hints. Nothing is done until it’s done. No what I mean? (Dang it – Jonny is a tough one to crack!)

LNL: What did you do differently from the making of this album and the last? Obviously producers, label, but what else?

JH: We made the record in LA and Chicago, so that was a huge change from Vancouver. I think the environment that you make a record in contributes to the final sound and I’m glad we have some Cali and Chi Town on there! I feel like we made this record with a “serious casualness” if that’s possible? We made sure we had fun along the way, which is important to everything we do, but never sacrificing the intensity or seriousness that we bring to the music either.

LNL: How long have you had the current AOD line-up? (In addition to Hetherington, Art Of Dying includes members: Greg Bradley (guitar), Tavis Stanley (guitar), Jeff Brown (drums) and Cale Gontier (bass).

JH: Jeffy came in about 4 years ago and it’s been over 3 years since Cale and Tavis officially joined the band. When the 5 of us found each other, Art of Dying went from being a band to a family.

LNL: What is in store as far as touring in 2011?

JH: We will be touring a lot this year! (Probably ALL year) things will kick into high gear in the next couple of months. We’ll be making that announcement shortly.

LNL: Is social networking like breathing to you and the band or do you have to work at it?

JH: I really enjoy the instant feedback that social networking brings to the circle of music. It’s amazing to get into discussions with friends and fans on a daily basis. I love it! If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know we’re on there everyday, so shoot us a message… we’ll get back to you.

LNL: Being a successful independent band for so long, what has been the biggest adjustment or perk with the new label?

JH: I was shocked that Warner Bros gave us complete creative control with our record. That’s been huge. I actually love the people at our label and so far it’s been an awesome relationship. I think it’s easier for them to work with an artist that learned the business in the trenches for so many years, so we speak a lot of the same language. It’s cool for me to learn from the major label perspective too, as I still run Thorny Bleeder Records with Greg and Brian Thompson in Vancouver and can apply whatever I pick up to our roster.

LNL: Street team. Newsletter. “Die Hards”.

JH: You can sign up for our Newsletter and/or Street Team here: We run it ourselves, so it’s a work in progress. Anyone who wants to help out and spread the word is welcome! While on tour, we’ll be rewarding those people with special access to the band and giveaways etc. We call the street team the “Die Hards”, so let us know if you want to be a leader.
Thanks to Jonny for taking time to speak with Live ‘N Loud Magazine. If you follow along on their Facebook page, you will see the band is busy, but are actually very good at interacting with their supporters/fans. The band members are down to Earth and it’s refreshing to see how they bring you along in their day to day activities.

If you are still wondering about Art Of Dying and the what the name means, then know this:

“The ‘Art of Dying’ is how you live your life, how you embrace it, and what you do with your time while you’re here. It’s your life to live, and that’s exactly what Art of Dying is doing.”

Check them out on their website as well! Shop, sign up for their monthly newsletter and photo gallery. Have an iPhone? They have an app!

You can  find the “official” lyric video for “Die Trying” up there. Cheers!

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