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“I drove all the way here from North Bay, Ontario!”
an exhilarated audience member screamed into the sea of gyrating bodies that flooded Metropolis on Friday night. “I love these guys!”

By “these guys,” he meant Montreal electrofunk duo Patrick Gemayel and David Macklovitch. Together, they’re called Chromeo. Currently touring across North America before jetting off to the U.K., they’ve been selling out show after show – even playing two dates in major cities like Toronto, New York City and London, England.

According to their MySpace page, Chromeo has been quoted as claiming to be “the only successful Jewish-Arab partnership since the dawn of Human culture.” Though reputed as having a great sense of humour – and this is obvious upon listening to their music — this did not show through during the band’s live performance.

This is not a downfall, however; Chromeo’s rather stoic and distant showmanship is all part of the act. Gemayel would at times prance around the stage, bobbing as he busted out funky guitar riffs, but Macklovitch didn’t emerge from behind his collection of snazzy keyboards. Still, between songs the crowd dedicatedly belted out the anthem “Chromeo, ay-oh!” – proving that these guys can do just about nothing and still pack a room full of beat-crazed fans.

In fact, Metropolis was transformed into a raging nightclub, with a dance party that would have put Studio 54 to shame. If you were there, then you most definitely left as a sweaty mess. And whether you meant to or not, you were grinding up on somebody because not one spare inch of floor-space was left bare.

Chromeo played most of the songs from their 2007 release Fancy Footwork, all of which elicited a frenzied response from the crowd. “Tenderoni,” “Bonafied Lovin’,” “Mama’s Boy” and “Fancy Footwork” were the definite highlights – though they kickstarted their set in style with the hit “Don’t Turn The Lights On” from their recent album, Business Casual.

Live ‘N Loud photographer Lauren Gouilloud was at the show to bring you back a few photos! Click HERE to view all the photos gallery!

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