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Watch a video of the acoustic performance of The Music

One thing, ok… two, no three things you HAVE to LOVE about David Usher are his voice, his songwriting ability and his unassuming nature. In a world where we need stuff to be bigger and faster, Usher has spent the past 14 months re-composing some of his past hits into a stripped down acoustic form for his 7th solo album.

“I woke up one morning with the idea of an acoustic album, re?visualizing the songs with new arrangements,” explains David. “With space and air for the vocal and melody to breathe, tracing my way back to when they were first written.”

As a result, “The Mile End Sessions” was released on September 14, 2010.

“The title of the album,” says David, “is a nod to my neighbourhood in Montréal — Mile End. It’s where these songs were re-shaped and where much of the album was made. Originally, I thought I’d just spend a week or two putting it together. Sometimes a week turns into a year and life leads you down many paths. The fun part is that you never know what’s round next the corner…”

Usher packed 14 beautiful tracks on the album. Most songs are of course the re-worked well known hits, and a brief instrumental called “Prelude”, but there also two new titles as well - “Je Repars” and “Fall To Pieces”.

“Je Repars” is Usher’s first song in French, which he sings as a duet with Marie-Mai“It’s actually a re?record of sorts,”says David,“Although, it’s hard to think of it that way when it’s so different. My friends Marie-Mai and Fred St?Gelais wrote French lyrics to a song of mine from the Hallucinations album called I’m Coming Down, and it morphed from an English, first person narrative to this amazing French duet that Marie?Mai sings with me on the album.” Included on the album is the radio version too. “Fall To Pieces” is the second new amazing song and it’s about the “pace and sentiments of life on the road”.

So while the new music is for sure a bonus, longtime David Usher fans will feel like they are hearing their favorites for the first time all over again with new version of the “old” music. Still recognizable with their melodies, but beautifully rearranged with the acoustic guitar, piano and strings are: “Black Black Heart”“Alone In The Universe”“The Music”“Sparkle and Shine”“And So We Run”“St. Lawrence River”, “My Way Out”“Kill The Lights”“I’m Coming Down” and “Everyday Things”. The latter song includes a special guest appearance, and backing vocals, from singer?songwriter Béatrice Martin, perhaps better known as Cœur de Pirate.

The album is produced by Usher, his guitar player Jonathan Gallivan, and keyboard player Kevin Young.

On plans for touring this album David explained: “I love doing the big rock shows and festival stages, and that will continue to happen, but I’ve been wanting to put this album together for a while now and to go play shows with minimal accompaniment on stage, with more room to let the songs speak for themselves. We’re going to take this show into theatres and intimate venues where these songs can be shared in a different way.”

For tour dates and up to the minute information on David Usher, please visit his website.

Usher is a Canadian songwriter and performer who has sold over 1.3 million albums worldwide, has received multiple Juno awards both with his band Moist in the 90s and as a solo performer, and has had numerous hit songs at radio in Canada, Asia and Europe over the past 20 years. He is a long time active supporter of Amnesty International and Warchild, and recently began working with the reforestation program, Tree Canada.

To purchase the album, click HERE.

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